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Lukasz Rubaszewski ©

Photographer - Lukas Rubaszewski ART ©

Born in Poland. The camera has become an indispensable part of the life of Łukasz, an artist with a disability, for whom professional development and passion are the essence of life. His disability has no negative impact on the quality of the work performed, on the contrary - it has become a motivation to achieve something. Looking for new challenges as a photojournalist, he looks for events and records what can be captured and delighted. Łukasz Rubaszewski has practical knowledge in the field of photography, thanks to which his photos were published on numerous websites. He has received many awards and distinctions. He organized an exhibition of his own photos.

As a creative and communicative person, he is constantly looking for interesting topics that may be of interest to the media. One of his professional successes is the publication of his work by the host of the program on Polish ITV Television. He got to know the specificity of the production of television programs, participating in them as an extra. Perceptiveness and creativity have become his strengths. He is willing to take initiative and is open to new ideas and challenges. Photography accompanies him at every moment of his life. It is a way to record important events and moments

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